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Router Advice


Router Advice


I've been using an Origo ASR-8100 1port router for the last couple of years and tbh it's been an absolute solid performer.

However just been upgraded to an 8mb connection and although I was expecting the random disconnects (got 4 yesterday, but none through the night), my main concern is the number of CRC errors being logged (errored seconds was sitting at around 600 for a 4hr session).

Now it might just be the line needs to settle down, but I believe the 8100 is only designed upto a maximum of 8mb and was wondering if it was mebbe struggling to perform at this data rate.

So two questions I suppose;
1. Is it likely that the number of errors are being caused by the router?
2. What new router would be recommended?



Re: Router Advice


1. Is it likely that the number of errors are being caused by the router?
2. What new router would be recommended?

Well its hard to say its the router but if you didnt notice CRC errors before the upgrade then I am guessing it is not.

The best routers at the moment are ones using a specific Broadcom chipset:

Buffalo WMR-G54
US Robotics 9105/9106
Speedtouch 536i

There are others but I am not sure what they are unfortunately as finding out is not so easy heh. They are said to give the best line stats at the most stable rates due to the Broadcom chipset. I believe their is also a Belkin router which uses the chipset but forgot its product code.

Hope this helps.
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Router Advice

I'm using that router, got upgraded yesterday and am sycing at 4736 with an SNR of 6, and not disconnecting at all.
There are quite a few errored seconds and CRC errors, but then I didn't notice what they were before and I can't see that they matter unless they cause actual problems such as disconnection.

Are you syncing at the 8Mb mark?

Router Advice

yea, i'm syncing at 8128/448 with a SNR of 9/10dB (fluctuates). I certainly never had anywhere near as many CRC's before, so it's definitely as a result of the change in data rate (tho whether that's stressing out the router or more a general problem with my line is anybodys guess).

Anyway i'll check out those other routers, but will wait till the 10day bedding in process is done and dusted before starting to change out hardware.

thanks for the replies Smiley
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Router Advice

Do you happen to know if the Speedtouch 516 also uses that chipset


I have just been upgraded and get disconnected every minute, yes I have rebooted.
I was wondering if the router is not up to it. I have a DLink dsl 604+.

I was thinking of replacing it with a netgear DG834G.

Any comments, or perhaps I need to do something else to stop the disconnects?

help would be appreciated as I have not got dial up so have to trawl for advice v.quickly :?

Router Advice

Bluebell I would advise you go for the DG834GT as this uses a better chipset (as mentioned above it uses the Broadcom).

Hey hotlane, what you need to do is download this manual. Look for the command "env list" in the manual and do as it says.

It should say somewhere in the list something like:

_MODEMLABEL=bcm96348_V1.0.93h_ADSL­ _PHY_A2pBT008_rc1.d16f

You are looking for the reference to bcm6345/6348 etc, I believe these are the ADSL1/ADSL2 Broadcom chipsets that have been noted as among the best to be used.

I have not read alot on the subject but as far as I can tell alot of the broadcom chipsets are very very good at holding line stats steady and in most cases improving them.

Although the exact numbers of the chipsets I am unsure about, once you know the number though you could probably google it and find out if its rated or not Wink
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Router Advice

The last update from Plusnet about this said that the service may be a bit erratic for the first few days after an upgrade as the system works out what your maximum line speed should be. Maybe you should leave it for a couple of days to see if it settles down?