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Retro computer anoraks only

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Retro computer anoraks only

Whilst poking around in my loft a few days ago, I came across for the Commodore 64 a "programmers Reference Guide" and a "User Manual" the reference guide includes the C64 schematic diagram dated 1982, which I think not all the guides were supplied with.

There no point in pretending these are in A1 condition cos' they're not, but they're quite readable and the spiral wire spines are in one piece with no pages falling out.

If anybody wants to give these a good home drop me an e-mail at

Also in the loft I un-earthed an Atari 2600i game consul, 2 double paddles (for 4 players), 2 joysticks and around a dozen or more game cartidges (including the original Space Invaders)

There's a rumour that these goodies are tomorrow's antiques, and will be worth a fortune in time...any offers?

If I recall correctly this was stopped being used because the power pack failed, another was obtained from Atari's agents (at no small cost) but this also failed, so any would-be purchaser ought to be aware of this.

Let me know

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