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hi all,

I wonder if anyone has ever heard of something like this.

I was on a forum at planetAMD64 yesterday(had just registered and was signed on)after leaving the connection for a while the pc just rebooted.This was first thing in the afternoon. On reboot scan disk occurred and an entry was deleated that made ref to a planetAMD64 cookie(happened very quickly so didn't catch full details).I then spent after noon playing far cry and doing OU work with no a single problem. later in the evening I signed back onto said forum and then left for while(went to loo if that helps)and guess what, it rebooted. I then left pc running for a few hours in a program and no probs. Went back and played far cry again no probs.playing games online has never been a prob either.

Is it possible that my pc could be reacting to some script on the forum?

My set up is

3200+ amd 64
msi kt8 neo
1 gb ram
sapphire 9800 pro
maxtor 80gig sata(using promise( 378i think))
win xp pro
zoom 5510 usb drive
dvd rom

400 watt psu

James :?
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It is possible a script issue is causing it but it may be difficult to identify.

Have you tried using a different browser like Mozilla 1.6 to visit the site and see if the same thing happens.

I assume you have done the normal virus, trojan and spyware scans with up to date defs to eliminate any infection causing the problem.

Also try disabling any firewalls, virus scanners and cookie related blockers in case that is where the conflict is.

I don't have any experience with 64bit processors, which should be fully compatible running in 32bit mode, but you never know.