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Replacement graphics card - extra power needed?


Replacement graphics card - extra power needed?


I'm planning to replace my ATi Radeon 9600 graphics card with a DabsValue (Inno3D) GeForce 6800 128MB card (AGP). I was wondering if anyone knows if there is much difference in the amount of power the two cards require, I can't find any specification for actual power usage of the cards, just a recommendation for a PSU of 300W - but this is a bit irrelevant seeing as they don't know how much other kit the PSU's already powering.

I am also assuming that the PSU will be up to it (regardless of its power rating), provided the GeForce uses less or the same power as the Radeon!

I'm aware that the GeForce card requires its own power connection via a Molex connector rather than through the AGP slot. As all the Molex connectors are now in use in my PC, I'm assuming I can use a Y splitter cable for this?

I'd also be interested to hear if anyone has made a similar upgrade and has any before and after comments. Reviews from dabs customers and elsewhere look promising and suggest a broad 2x-4x increase (biggest increase more likely with recent games). Would be cool to know if this is true.

Thanks for any help,

Replacement graphics card - extra power needed?

It recommended that you connect the graphics card direct to a molex connector and not through a Y splitter, Just going on my own PC which has a Geforce 6800GT 256Mb card in it and thats connected through the Molex directly. I have a 550W Power Supply in mine and running a whole load of stuff from it so yeah yours should be ok but can never have too much power eh!!!

Replacement graphics card - extra power needed?

As Chemical said it is not advisable to use a Y-Splitter to connect a graphics card but if your using 2 Optical Drives (DVD and a CDROM f.e) simply hook them upto a Y Splitter and use the other one from the drive to hook up the graphics card.

It would be best to make sure you have direct power connections for all major hardware devices (graphics, hard drive mainly). Anything like a CDROM, Fans or Lighting are best used via Y-Splitters because if they fail due to the Y-Splitter the effects wont be as bad as if it was your hard drive.

Also you might want to look at the new ATI X1600s. They are a similar price but have 256MB of memory which could make alot of difference in some games Wink

Replacement graphics card - extra power needed?


Thanks for the replies. Sorry, should have been clearer on the Y-splitter - yes, I was definitely planning to rearrange things so the splitter went to two IDE drives and the GFX card had it's own.

phearfactor - your comments that it should be optical drives are useful. Also, the chances of these both on max speed when doing something that pushes the GFX card is unlikely.

I'd considered the X1600 and done a little research. Seems to come out better for newer games but a bit worse than the 6800 for older games. Still got to weigh this one up I think!


Replacement graphics card - extra power needed?

you may have a problem depending on how cheep your PSU was, if its rated at 300w but was cheep it probably only peeks at 300w and gives a sustaind of maybe only 100w -- check the side of the PSU (there will be a little chart) also, check to see if each line has its own +5 rail
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Replacement graphics card - extra power needed?

Just to throw a slight spanner in the works the latest high spec graphics card draw their power from the 12v rail and this is usually the weak spot in older power supplies.
Have a look at this link which gives some very good advice.
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Replacement graphics card - extra power needed?

A good quality power supply like Tagan etc. will have a seperate thick braided power supply for the graphic card , 300 watts supplies are outdated & not really up to the demands of newer PC components, My Tagan 480 watt is heavy as a brick & has rock solid voltages

Replacement graphics card - extra power needed?

A tagan PSU in action Smiley