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Removing from linux

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Removing from linux

Hey folks,
I have installed adesklets on Gnome and ran into the well documented problem called the "Flicker Problem".

Anyways, after numerous failed so called solutions was at a dead end, that is until i tweaked my repositories (Ubuntu user) and low and behold it has appeared. I installed it.... nuthin!!!

So i was thinking that it would prolly be a good idea to remove both the one i had downloaded > compiled >installed and th one i got the package-manager.

The problems is that i dont have a clue how do reverse the
make install

commands which i run to install it

is it even possible, or would a reinstall be only way to fix this Sad
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Removing from linux

For the one you installed, the Makefile usually includes a delete/remove option.

Try make delete or make clean or make remove or make uninstall. If they don;t work, look at the Makefile and see if you can spot when to add after make to remove the installed files.

For the package installed version, run the package manager and remove the package.