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Record streaming radio


Record streaming radio

I need to record a show on friday from Radio 1, what software can i use for doing this?

Record streaming radio

may help, else I am sure you will find a program out there that will let you capture // record audio from a live stream.
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Record streaming radio

You can do it with audacity

Record streaming radio

Even better is Net Transport, if the show is available on the BBC's Listen Again archive. It lets you download entire streamed files without having to record them in real-time (which requires you to hang around the computer, in real-time too).

You use it like this:
1) Go to the BBC Radio website, go the Listen Again section* and find the show you want. Right click the Real Audio link (usually titled 'Listen' with a little picture of a speaker) and save the .ram file, which is just a text file.
2) Open the .ram file in notepad, copy the entire address up to the .ra section (sometimes it's rm instead), eg. for the following:


copy up to the .ra**:
3) Open Net Transport and start a new download. It should automatically copy in the address you've just copied from the clipboard.
4) Set the number of download streams to 10 and start. The entire file will download to your local computer.

You can now play that file using Real Audio, or get the Tara plugin for WinAmp and play it in WinAmp instead. If you want to convert it to WAV, use the FileWriter output plugin for WinAmp in combination with the Tara input plugin and then convert the resulting WAV to MP3 (or any other file type, if you like).

This method will work for any streamed file, even those that haven't been archived. The trick is that you need to know the full location of the .ra or .rm file so that Net Transport can download it.

* I couldn't find a Listen Again archive for Radio 1, but the other BBC stations all seem to have one. Then again, I didn't look particularly hard.

** The information after the .ra (.rm) tells the real audio player when to start playing the file, as sometimes the BBC encodes two half hour shows into one 60-minute file. With a bit of cunning you can use this information to clip the track where you need to.

Record streaming radio

Wow, thanks for the help guys. Smiley

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Record streaming radio

Thanks for removing the double post Shockedops:

Ive tried audacity and it works perfectly for recording radio and also my guitar. Cheesy