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Random XP Problem - Not seen this one before?!?


Random XP Problem - Not seen this one before?!?

I have a bit of a problem someone may have seen before ...

My desktop picture and screensaver have stopped working recently!

First when booting the machine there is no background picture (nice .jpg of recent ski holiday) - it used to be there and i cant trace it to any specific prog. BUT: If o go into the display properties and change to another picture and back again and click apply ... it returns until i restart. This started a month or so ago.

Now a couple of days ago my screensaver stopped working? I only noticed as my Matrix Orbital didnt turn off the cathode (set to turn off when screensaver comes on). So i changed the settings so the display didnt have the same time setting for power saving as the screensaver so i could see if the screensaver was working - and guess what - the screensaver and powersaving is not working at all!! I usually just hit the power button on the screen so i normally dont see the screensaver anyway - but this really is starting to bug me ... any ideas?

Here is the rubbish i have running on a day to day basis:

XP Pro
DC++ (not too heavily)
LCDC (for Matrix Orbital)
Motherboard Monitor

The only thing i can think that i have installed recently is Netlimiter but this was after the desktop problem and before the screensaer issue?

I have also installed a Modem a few weeks ago (dynamode i think).

Any ideas appreciated ... Chris

Random XP Problem - Not seen this one before?!?

forgot to add Zone alarm and NAV 2003 are running too - machine is virus free and have run adaware to look for anything nasty...

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Random XP Problem - Not seen this one before?!?

Could be your user settings got corrupted during a program/windpws crash or possibly during a bad defrag <- only seen that on game partions though never in my windows partion, usually corrupted ini's requiring a reset of game settings

So try making a new user and see if it happens to that one as well. If not then maybe warning signs of a windows reinstall is needed.
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Random XP Problem - Not seen this one before?!?

Not good ---> didnt want to go down the route of a fresh install as the build is only a few months old. Never done this before but i need to buy a new HDD (space requirements) so is there an easy way to backup the old windows ver to the new HDD and recover as much as possible on the new fresh install of XP?

Is there any apps that will create a perfect copy of the current partitions (win/data 50/50 on an 80gb drive) onto a new drive (possibly going SATA on next buy) and it still be bootable - as a backup that is?

Wish microshaft could get something right for a change and make this an easy process. Barstewards.

Cheers for the help

Random XP Problem - Not seen this one before?!?

Have you tried system restore ?
Located at : All Programs - Accessories - System tools.
You could also run your XP disk and use the Repair Option
Your XP disk also has F.A.S.T ( file and settings transfer wizard)
which is usefull and you can also create partitions with XP.
There are many advanced programs for what your after
a good one is ' Partition Magic'.

Random XP Problem - Not seen this one before?!?

looks like i may well just buy a new drive - backup the lot onto there using Norton Ghost or Partition Magic (aleca - was not aware PM could do this but will have a look) ... then will try and save the current install...

not sure i am really happy using the file transfer wizard but will definately look to getting the repair wizard running - just need to dig out the CD now ;-)

Also for a quick side question does anyone know what the best drivers are at the moment for the Asus V9520 Video Suite graphics card? Should really look to upgrading them now.

Cheers for all the help - Chris