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Question directed at the more experienced "Mac" us


Question directed at the more experienced "Mac" us


I have been wading through the ".mac" pages trying to find the answer to this and to be quite honest don't think I have found it so perhaps someone can help me out.

I have noticed on these forums that sometimes people put a link in the message if they have a picture of something they are looking to sell or screenshots for example which presumably links to a webpage.

I am wondering if the public folder in "iDisc" can be used for a similar purpose in which case is it possable to link to it in a forum message, or is it necessary for me to construct a website to enable me to do this this.

Or is there a different and perhaps better way of doing it with ".mac".

Thanks in advance
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Question directed at the more experienced "Mac" us

I've never used .Mac, but as far as I know, you can do anything you want with your iDisk files: for example, if you were to use iWeb (in iLife '06) to create a website and upload it to .Mac, its files would be stored on your iDisk. So I see no reason why you couldn't do that.

For what it's worth, .Mac does offer a free trial - you might want to try that out before you commit yourself to the £69 it costs for a year.


Question directed at the more experienced "Mac" us

One of the benefits of .mac is that you can create webpages with very little effort. Within your iDisk you have a number of folders - one of which is "Pictures". If you put an image into this folder and then select "Homepage" within .mac you can select what type of page you require and then link it to the image(s) in the Pictures folder. Your web page is created with the selected image(s) which can then be linked from elsewhere by its web address. You can create any number of sites / pages using .mac however the number of designs & layouts available is fairly limited.

iWeb is another option and works in a similar way.

The public folder within iDisk is not used to create a web page - rather it enables you to exchange files with other users.

As has already been said, .mac comes with a free trial so you can always see if it suits you before spending any money on the service.

Question directed at the more experienced "Mac" us

Thanks Folks

I guess I have found a weekend project :-)