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Problem with Norton Internet Security 2005 and "Rules&q


Problem with Norton Internet Security 2005 and "Rules&q

I have Norton Internet Security 2005 AntiSpyware Edition installed on my computer. Operating system is XP Service Pack 2 Home Edition.

Very recently I have noticed a small box automatically appearing from the lower right hand side of the screen “behind” the clock and the icons on the task bar. This box appears when I connect to the Internet and pops up and down about six times before finally going away.

The box is titled Norton Internet Security and has a message that says
Rules automatically created for the program:Microsoft Windows Explorer

It then has an “ok” box

If I hover the curser over the box it says


Clicking on the “OK” makes no difference

Please can anyone tell me how to stop this box from starting up every time I connect to the Internet? It has only recently appeared and I fear that I have inadvertently changed something in the Norton Rules programme but do not know how to change it back

Thank you