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Problem copying emails?? help please.


Problem copying emails?? help please.

My windows XP crashed and I have installed win XP again on a new drive, how do I copy my emails form the old drive to my new XP setup and I would also like to copy them to my laptop so both emails files look the same. I can't remember the extension for the email file store.
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Problem copying emails?? help please.

First you will have to install your old hard drive to the second ide chanel and make sure its set to slave

Open windows explorer go to tools folder options view and make sure you can see all hidden and operating system files then click apply

Navigate to your C: drive and open documents and settings "your username" then local settings application data identities open this up all the way down untill you see outlook express and highlight it in the right hand panel you will see all of your email folders

Now you need to do the same on your old drive untill you see the email folders you want to copy then select edit select all and drag and drop them into your new drives outlook express folder that you previously opened

Dont forget to go back to folder options and hide hidden and operating system files

If you are going to keep your old drive installed as a backup drive you can move your emails to there in case your main drive ever fails by opening outlook express and going to tools options maintainance store folder and move the whole folder to your second drive

If you want to copy them to your laptop when you have the outlook express folder open on your second drive copy all the email files to a flash drive if you have one or a CD then follow the above on your laptop and copy them into the outlook express folder in the same way

Problem copying emails?? help please.

Thanks for the swift reply, however I used outlook not outlook express and I can find express but not outlook?
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Problem copying emails?? help please.

Since they can be moved anywhere you want in Outlook just do a search for outlook.pst or if you prefer *.pst to pick up all the outlook files.
As a point for the future I would move the files to a new dedicated directory (or leave them where they are if you prefer) and then direct outlook to look in that directory by going to
tools/options/mail setup/data files to sort it out.
Having it separate from the C: drive means that a full reinstall doesn't lose the files also it is much easier to back them up

Problem copying emails?? help please.

thanks hotlane: this is what I have just remembered.

To access messages of the previous version of MS Outlook, do the following, step by step:

Open the application MS Outlook.

Select the menu command: File | Import and Export...

Select: Import from other program or file.

In the next dialogue, select: file of personal folders (.pst).

Now you need to indicate the complete path for your old *.pst.message file

Next, indicate the folder into which you want to import the messages.

If you have several *.pst files, repeat this procedure for each of them.