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Printing Vexation


Printing Vexation


I have just acquired an Epson R320 at a good price (free but I had to buy a set of ink cartridges). But am having problem making prints without borders and am not sure where the problem lies........ if it is me doing something wrong (most likely), with Photoshop CS/Gimp, my using a Mac, or incorrect settings in the printer itself for which I have no manual.

Any way this is what I am doing

1) open and image in Photoshop
2) scale it down to 10.00 cm by 15.00 cm
3)Go to "Page setup" and set it to the following

Page Attributes
Document Size: Postcard
Paper Dimensions: 10.00 cm x 15.00 cm
Orientation: Rotated Landscape
Scale: 100%
Top: 0.00 cm
Left: 0.00 cm
Bottom: 0.00 cm
Right: 0.00 cm

4) open "Print with preview" which apparently shows the image to almost completely fill what I presume to be the paper with very small margins which seem to go away when I enlarge the image to 10.301 cm by 15.452 cm

5) Hit "print" where I am informed that "the images is bigger then the paper (or words to that effect) and some clipping will occur"

6) Hit "ok" where the printer starts doing it's thing........ but when the print is finished I cannot work out why I have a 1/4 inch border at the left and bottom and a 1/8 border at the top and right, with an image that mesures 9.5 high by 14.4 cm wide insted of the original setting of 10x15 cm; on the 10.0 cm x 15.00 cm pice of paper.

So I thought before I start looking for printer manuals to download I would check that it is not something that a) I am not doing or overlooking, or b) one of Photoshops quirks or features.

PS: the same thing happen in "Gimp" which is actually my prefered programe but I thought that more people would have knowledge of "Photoshop" so these measurments etc are based on "Photoshop", and presumably what ever it is that solves the problem can be used in "Gimp"

Thanks for any thoughts or suggestions

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Printing Vexation

Hi Have you looked at the printer properties to check the pageor paper size there? This may override any set up that you do in the application.

Regards, Mike

Printing Vexation

Hi Mike

Thank you for the response...... just checked it is set for Glossy 10x15 cm and as far as I can make out no borders

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Printing Vexation

On the Epson website, it says this printer CAN do borderless prints as follows:

Print Margin: 0mm top, left, right and bottom
Via custom setting in printer driver. Otherwise 3mm top, left, right, 14mm bottom
Also bottom margin can be reduced to 3mm via custom margin settings

So have you put in the proper driver rather than letting Windows use the nearest it can find?

Use Google to find the latest one, and I suspect that if you then go into print properties it will give you specific settings for no borders.