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Printer Problem -- USB extended cable

Posts: 14
Registered: 31-07-2007

Printer Problem -- USB extended cable


I've got a samsung printer CLP-500 it's too big to sit next to my computer
so I have put it on the other side of the room.

To connect to it I run a USB cable around the room.
I've had to use an extender cable because of the length.

when it works everything is fine but once I stop printing the link seems
to die after a period of time and I can no longer use the printer until
I disconnect the cables.
(sometimes I have to pull the cable out of the back of the computer
sometimes I pull it out of the printer sometimes I pull
the USB out of the extender cable,
sometimes I have to pull all the connections).
Rebooting the PC doesn't always help.

If I disconnect and reconnect enough of the cables then
eventually the printer comes back to life.

Does anyone know of an easier way?


Printer Problem -- USB extended cable

Have you tried a USB repeater cable?

They're available from ebuyer (quickfind number 48184) and allow you to extend the range of a USB cable beyond the normal 5m limit.

Hope this helps. Smiley
Posts: 14
Registered: 31-07-2007

still got the problem

Yes the extender cable I'm using is an active repeater.

Thanks anyway, I also have a wireless lan, I'm wondering if
using a wireless ethernet connector for the printer might solve
the problem. Has anyone tried one of these?