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Pre Upgrade Tech HELP!!!


Pre Upgrade Tech HELP!!!

Around september/october time I'm doing a £1100 upgrade :-

Ati X1900XTX 48 pipe monster
2Gb Corsair XLLpro 3200 ddr
AMD 64 4400+ 1mb+1mb
Creative Sound Blaster X-Fi Elite Pro

What I do need most of all is a Motherboard that will accomodate all 9 of my internal hard drives I have 4 on SATA, 3 on IDE, 2 on IDE RAID....
I would prefer not to put a controler card in a pci slot as the ATI card WILL cover one pci slot the X-Fi elite will fill another and I have two network cards as well.....Bit of a tall order I know but any suggestions gratefully recieved....

Pre Upgrade Tech HELP!!!

It would help if we uderstood why you need all these drives and network cards. I have run pc's as servers with 30,000 users on less.
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Pre Upgrade Tech HELP!!!

Here's the bad news.- I hope you've already bought it.
As far as I can tell the 4400 with 1mb/1mb cache has been discontinued as is being replaced with a 512/512 cache.
See this thread and this report

Pre Upgrade Tech HELP!!!

The only boards I have come across that have more than 2 ide connectors (1 or more being designed for the RAID) are the Gigabyte GigaRAID motherboards.

Unfortunately as far as I know PCI-E + GigaRAID is only supported on the Intel Motherboards labelled - GA-8I945 and GA-8I955.

These boards will support the 2 drives on IDE RAID leaving 2 more standard IDE channels for 4 optical/hard drives etc.

Here is one for example

If this is not what you mean please correct me. As far as I can tell you need a board with 3 IDE channels and 4 SATA ports where 1 or more of the IDE channels support RAID... Correct? Wink

Considering hotlanes post it may be worth considering Intel instead. The performance in games may be a little worse but overall if you want space on the PCI side and the 9 drives connected via the board Intel would probably handle it better anyway.

You could always consider an external drive enclosure or similar. :?:
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Pre Upgrade Tech HELP!!!

Here's an off-the-wall idea. Do you need data retrieval from all 9 drives at max speed? If not then fit some of them into an old/cheap PC and network it.. Might be easier and cheaper than getting all the drives in one box.

Pre Upgrade Tech HELP!!!

to be fair, most motherboards have onboard GigE network cards (so would that drop the number of network cards you need?)

new mobos have 6 SATAII ports usualy, with 2 IDE chains (4 disks) so you will have a proplem with the other 2 IDE drives, you could get IDE2SATA converters, but i have no idea how well these work. Your best bet would be to get a PCI raid card - I know you may have an issue with the number of PCI slots, just get a motherboard that has enough of them :p standard ATX mobos usualy have 5 which should be plenty.