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Port Opening Question


Port Opening Question

I've never been a big fan of torrents until I realised the potential speeds they can give sometime last year when I used them a lot. Since then I've been on and off them a lot as I can stream most of the things I need instead. Anyways, I went back to download some torrents yesterday and...well the speeds were not impressive. I was used to ~150kBs on a well seeded torrent, with other ones still downloading at a fair rate but I'm not getting over 50kBs on them all (I'm trying to get 6) together. They are well seeded and my peers are getting anywhere up to 180kBs on the files when I'm under 5! Then I noticed a warning sign at the bottom of uTorrent, clicking it alerted me that a firewall/router is screwing things about and to test if the port is forwarding correctly here: (where XXXX is the port number)

When I tried it, it told me it wasn't (I had closed the firewall by the way). So I went and opened the port on the router (Dynamode R-ADSL-C4W-EG) and tried again, but the same error. Angry at the router, I unplugged it all and went back to trusty Speedtouch USB 330 which was giving me the good speeds last year. But no, the error still is there, the port appears to be closed and the speeds are still low. What am I doing wrong?

Thanks for your time.
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Port Opening Question

Check to see if you have the Plusnet Firewall switched on, look under your account tab for it on the left menu.

Port Opening Question

What firewall are you using as some are still active even if they are turned off as they run as a service Zonealarm being one.

try and see what that says as sometimes the toreent check doesnt work

Another free util whats transfering from

may help as it shows what ports are in use and may show if it being blocked. There is a good article in PC pro this month on torrent setup may be worth a look

Port Opening Question

I do use ZA, so I will take heed of that thanks mrwright.

But I think gersfan hit it on the head. Can't believe it was that simple - I'm not sure if I even turned it on! Oh well. Will turning it off be okay, or will low be better?

Thanks for the responses both of you.