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Pocket PC's


Pocket PC's


I am thinking about getting a Pocket PC/PDA or what ever they are called theses days.The one thing I would appreciated some advice on though is.......... will they run full programmes even if they are installed on memory cards;or does their design mean they are only able to run "cut down" versions of software.I am mainly thinking about astronomy software which in my case involves a lot of databases and catalogues,and mapping software more of the GIS type than GPS as I know they have no problem with mapping for GPS which I understand mostly runs from memory card anyway.

I suppose the bottom line is would I be able to install a large piece of software to a memory card in a form that the unit would run it,assuming that the unit was powered by "Windows Mobile 5.0" as seems to be the norm? or again is there a better OS for what I am looking for.
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Pocket PC's


An astronomy program that runs on a standard XP PC may not have been re-written to run on Windows Mobile 5.0, so you would need to ensure that the program you currently use (or want to use) has been ported to run on the Pocket Pc's. I know there are some programs that run on Pocket PC's, Solun, I think is one.

You might want to consider a UMPC like Samsung Q1 or Sony UX series, or a sub-notebook like Libretto U100, Kohjinsha SA1, or Fujitsu-Siemens P1510. These run the full XP OS on smaller form factor laptops/tablet PC's