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Please help a beginner with wireless printing


Please help a beginner with wireless printing

I have a wireless network that enables one desktop and two laptops to share an ADSL PlusNet connection. What would I need to do to add a printer to the network? At the moment, because the printer is not in the same room as any of the PCs you have to carry the laptop to the printer and plug it in. Could I simply add a USB wireless card to the printer and then send printing to it via the router? Do I have to have a printer server to achieve this?

Network Printing Ivan

Hello dickcooper,

I'm not a wireless expert by any means but Yes! what you want to do can easily be done. Firstly by adding a wireless card to your printer (assuming it has a slot for a network card) your printer can be added easily to your home network (LAN). You would have to give the printer its own IP address (such as etc or an IP address within the same iP range as your other machines) Once the printer is networked using TCP/IP printing any of your machines should be able to send print jobs to your printer wirelessly.

**A print server isnt required as such but it can be helpful if your doing alot of printing from many machines & many users at the same time. A print server generaly has more memory than an ordinary printer so it can handle many more print jobs or print que's at the same time.

**Yes! your router should handle the routing of the print jobs across the network (LAN) to your networked printer or print server.

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Thanks and further query

Thanks Ivan. This is a very basic printer, and has no slot for a network card. Could I add a USB wireless card?
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Please help a beginner with wireless printing

No. What you need is a USB Wireless Print Server.

Something like this should do the job -

Please help a beginner with wireless printing

Just something to be aware of, my experience of these types of print servers is that they work fine but you will not receive any printer status messages i.e. no paper, ink cartridge empty, etc. Can be a bit frustrating when a print job fails and you don’t know why.


Thanks all

Thanks all. I now know where to go next. Cheesy

Please help a beginner with wireless printing

I use this one and it's excellent.