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Please Help!!!! PS2 Ethernet setup major headache


Please Help!!!! PS2 Ethernet setup major headache

Hi there I am really hoping someone may be able to guide me as I can't seem to get this working I have the ethenet adaptor for the ps2, someone said I should be able to get the PS2 set up for this with a NIC card in my PC I have bought one and got the latest drivers for XP however I keep getting a cable unplugged message, I have both cross over and straight through cables neither is working. If you need spec its a XP based machine 949Mhz Athlon, 192mb ram, speedtouch 330 usb or conexant chipset pci modem available, the nic is a pci realtek 8139 card, nvidia based graphics card (MSI geforce 4 ti4200 8x agp possible (only 4agp used due to motherboard) and soundblaster 128 awe.

Would I have better luck in linux and if so whose redhat, suse, mandrake etc??

Hope someone can shed some light on this as it's really frustrating (Couldn't sony have deviced a better adsl connection device??) Sad
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Please Help!!!! PS2 Ethernet setup major headache

In my opinion your best bet would be to ditch the USB modem and get a 4 port Router.
You can the connect the PC and the PS2 into the router.
Done it this way for my son and it works fine.

You also get the advantage of being able to plug other PC's in and network if you want.