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Parental control dilema


Parental control dilema

Please can someone recommend parental control software.

I have a norton internet securty cd 2006 which has it on but I have not installed it as I understand that this software can slow your computer down.

Its about time plusnet helped us out with providing something. My kids are wanting to spend a bit more time on the pc. They are good kids and wouldn't do anything stupid but sometimes unsuitable things do appear on websites.

Can anyone or plusnet help.
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Parental control dilema

This is one of the most difficult things parents have to cope with and the honest answer is no one single product is going to stop all the various things you would prefer your kids not to see. The Internet is a wonderful learning tool but but frought with dangers.

Anyway try the following products which have a good track record and have been around for many years so are very mature:


They all have a free trial period but don't run them together. The netnanny site, while US, has some useful links for sites to help parents protect their kids online and I do recommend you take the time to read through some of them so you are more clued up on what can happen. Also searching google for things like 'internet protection for kids' to find many useful websites offering advice and guidance on the subject.

All the packages allow you to adjust the levels of protection, with Cybersitter giving you types of information to block. Be aware that some require an annual subscription to continue to work although I think Cybersitter is a one-off purchase for life.

As for PN helping with this kind of thing, this is a very complex area and as I stated no single product will protect from all the nasties around. PN did do some internal trials of a number of products but they all turned out to be either very difficult to manage or just did not work well enough.
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Parental control dilema

We worked on the basis of letting our son look at what he wanted to after letting him know what he might come across if he wasn't careful, including porn and malware and he was eminently sensible about it. I checked occasionally to see what sites had been accessed while he was younger and learned that, on the whole, he could be trusted. We never found the need to control his access although he did run up a big bill one time on one dial up account and was most upset when he realised what he had done! Wink I know that when he was in his mid teens he and a friend or two looked at a dubious site or two but I think it shocked and disgusted him rather but at that age any computer savvy lad can learn to work around parental controls and cover their tracks if you aren't open and honest about things!

Parental control dilema

Cheers, Giving cyber patrol a go at moment

Parental control dilema

The best bet is to use a free proxy server from

Filtering every which way...

if you would like to prevent access to certain internet sites, FreeProxy enables you to block access based on a filter. Comprehensive \'Resource Security\' enables you to filter URLs, IP addresses, ports, hosts accessed. In addition you can secure access using userid and password. FreeProxy utilises the web standards of Basic and Digest authentication but also allows you to authenticate users to a Windows Domain. Access can be limited to certain times using a calendar. This is very useful if you make use of low-cost access times. Here are some examples:


Allow access to the internet at certain times

Allow some users access to some sites

Allow some users access to a selection of sites at specific times.

Is there any spyware in FreeProxy ?

NO ! FreeProxy is free of any spyware, malware, advertisements etc. Its all 100% pure fully functional proxy server. If you have any doubts, or would like clarification, post a message on the forum or send the author an email message


There are 4 reports which can each be optionally switched on or off.


Access report: detailing access violations

Detailed log of web sites accessed

Summary report of access by user

Debug report

It gives you the best of all worlds as it speeds up the internet lets you set filters and you can see what sites they have been to so you can talk to the kids and explain not to use these sites if you find wrong ones and of coarse the best bet its FREE
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Parental control dilema

I have enabled the Parental Control List on Norton Security and I can say that it will not slow your PC down any more than the Personal Firewall or Anti-Virus. It's so good it even prevents me from buying my wife undies from !

Parental control dilema

There should be the option to set content control in Internet explorer.

If your kids wouldn't dare do anything against your will and the bad content comes to them you can set up a blocking list

All or most of these setting can be found by accessing internet explorer

-Internet Options
-Click Enable on the content advisor
- you can set the levels of profanity for the following that Internet Explorer will block

Language, Nudity, Sex, Violence

You then guard it with a password

I only used it once to fiddle around with but seeing as I am not a parent. I have not really examined it closely. Should do the job for the time until your kids get more curious.