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Hi guys, I just have a small glitch when I click on internet explorer after boot up,
PAGE NOT FOUND, but the PC goes through the usual stuff : dialup window, finding site on left, conected bubble on bottom right. the. The page will allways load on the first refresh, and there's never a problem if I close the window. It does the same thing if I use MSN as my home page. (IE).
I think I've gone through all settings, dial up: network: security, used the other two DNS numbers: restore : disabled zone alarm and fresh install : cleaned all the rubbish out, Other than this niggle the PC
is faultless. If you can help cheer's, John

page not found

I am having the same problem.
Also when opening Outlook Express for mail am getting an error coming up but if i click the send & receive button everything is then fine.
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Page Not Found

Have you tried different browser/email programs?

I use Firefox and Thunderbird from with far fewer problems than I used to have with Microsoft's programs.


p.s. They are both FREE Tongue