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PCI Simple Communications Controller Unknown device


PCI Simple Communications Controller Unknown device

I have in device manager an unknown device which is a "PCI Simple Communications Controller". When I installed windows (from I have upgraded from Win2K to XP), this appeared, but I seem to remember it in my Win2K setup as well.

I have all the driver disks for my PC and everything seemed to install with no problems, but the machine can be quite unstable (when running games) and I'm wondering if this is the cause. I thought it was due to Win2K, hence why I upgraded, but the system still behaves the same. Has anyone got any ideas as to what is going on?

My system is:
AMD 1.25GHz
K7T266 Pro m/board
NVIDIA GeForce FX 5200

Running XP SP2.

PCI Simple Communications Controller Unknown device

The error message isnt very helpful but it is normaly a modem with that error. Often trying windows update will find the right driver. If you have a modem try removing it and see if it goes away.

PCI Simple Communications Controller Unknown device

As the previous poster says this is probably a modem card, which may be either a physical card in the PC or built-in to the motherboard, that Windows does not have drivers for. You could check the ports of the back of the PC for a telephone-style socket.

Note: The socket will be an RJ45-style socket rather than the wall-socket type connection. The type you normally see where the telephone cable plugs into the telephone.

I don't think that this error message is the cause of any problems you are having as it is simply telling you that there is a device in the machine that Windows cannot control (because it does not have the drivers). If it cannot control the device then nothing is using it and so it will not be active.

If you are are using the PC to send/receive mail then you obviously don't require this modem device - you either have another modem that works or are using a broadband connection. So you could just ignore the message.

If you want to install drivers for it then you could try this site as most of the WinModem chips seem to be made by this company. They have information about identifying your modem chipset and also generic drivers that you can download.