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PC spec for video editing


PC spec for video editing

Hi all,

It's has been over 5 years since I last had to spec a PC and lot has changed since then. My aging P4 just doesn't cut it anymore and it is time to spend some money.

I'd appreciate opinions on the Mesh PC at this link:

Since I haven't got a clue about the speed on the latest CPU's and memory, I have been keeping the spec of the Mesh PC in one open IE page and trawlling reviews of other PCs on the various PC magazine websites, and it would seem the Mesh PC should be more than capable. I would customise it to have 2 SATA drives though.

I would apprecaite any feedback on the Mesh spec and whether anyone considers it super fast (my main criteria) and if it represents god value for money.


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PC spec for video editing

Depends how big your video files are. That processor is about as good as you'll get for the money (and can be overclocked quite happily to over 3ghz without any exotic cooling) but you'll probably want more ram than that for video editing to be honest. The graphics card isn't the best but again will more than be able to handle video editing.

It's good for the money but then I'm someone who'll buy bits separately and build his own machine, my only misgiving is the ram - I just don't think there's enough there for editing at any speed. It isn't the fastest machine available at the moment (where those on the bleeding edge have £750 quad core processors) but it's certainly fast.

Hope this helps,

PC spec for video editing

Thanks for the reply.

I am converting 1 hour Mini DV tapes to DVD. I'll most likely be cutting footage from various tapes for writing to DVD, so the files willvary in size.