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PC set up help


PC set up help

In internet cafe or someplaces like that we see just monitors and from the monitor a keyboard and mouse lead coming out but the actual tower is somewhere else hidden like in a different building or something like that

think thats called dump or dumb terminal not sure on top of my mind...can that be setted up at home :?

hope you understand what im trying to say here

Dumb terminals and cybercafe's

I have a feeling that they are PC's but they are just well hidden and locked away. Think of the risk of Mr unknown coming into your cafe with a virus on a disk or CD, no thanks ;-)

What do you actually want to do at home?

I know you can run dumb terminals which will boot off of a server, but I would guess this would be expensive, but fun to set up none the less.

Give me some more info and lets see what we can do.



PC set up help

Basicaly i got a small room so i want to hang my monitor up in a wall with a shelf for keyboard. Just generaly space saving purposes.

If i set up a server based do i just need windows server o/s or anyother softwares
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PC set up help

How far away is the PC from the monitor/keyboard?

If less than 3 meters just get a monitor, keyboard and mouse extension cable from your local PC shop/store e.g..

monitor extension 3m

Kbd or mouse extension 3m - get 2 of these

With the above you should get 4 -> 5 meters of cable to play with.

PC set up help

cheers ill have a look