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PC maintenance tool


PC maintenance tool

Is there a good tool I can download/buy to help determine what is going wrong on my PC?

I have had my PC for about 14 months and over the past couple of weeks its been completely locking up so I need to do a reboot. I have Win XP Home installed on the PC and for the first time ever on XP I have been blue screened. I did as that recommended (chkdsk) but to no better results.

I have also had a message come up from XP telling me I have a missing corrupt file however when I put in my XP disk to try and re-install the OS it said it couldnt do it as the hard drive was not present. I have a 64 bit machine so having recently received the trial version XP 64 bit OS from Microsoft I tried to install that but received the same message about the hard drive not being present.

I have looked at something like Symantecs SystemWorks 2005 Premeier but does anyone know if this could help me determine the faults?

All else fails I'll have to take it to a shop to be looked at but I would rather give it a go myself first in trying to fix it.

Any tips would be fantastic


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PC maintenance tool

First and foremost, clean the system of junk;

Additionally, run a malware scan;

Ewido* -
Trojan Hunter -
Spybot Search & Destroy* -

F-Prot* -
NOD32* -
Avast -


Additionally, ensure you have generic system protection;

WinPatrol -

PC maintenance tool

If its only happend in the last few weeks it could be the hot weather. Does your bios have a temprature display? If not look at and get the monitor install it and keep your eye on it.

A lot of pc's are fine but the sudden hot weather can send the temprature sky high as the fans cant cope with the heat. It would give strange results on the pc from crashes to meomory errors.

PC maintenance tool

Thanks for the tips I will try them - i did wonder if the heat could have had an effect