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PC Problems


PC Problems

My wife is having problems with her PC.

Current system is an Abit KV7-V system.
Geforce FX5200 video card
I gig ram
Athatlon 2.5 chip

Her machine is crashin gwith the the blue sreen of death with the message


Antone any ideas
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PC Problems

This contains a number of solutions that have worked for various people.
One of the favourite causes seems to be outdated mouse software!.

PC Problems

A lot of the time this message is down to bad hardware drivers question is which one ? . Strip the machine to bare minimum then build it back up ,also try just one stick of memory or swap memory slots/take out and put back in to make sure contacts are clean . After all this lot I would look at the power supply (ie is it a cheap psu as most problems can come from the power supply but look like other symptoms ie crashing ,resets etc) , I learnt this a long time ago and now only use decent psu's in my systems .

PC Problems

Microsoft fault analyser always says it's drivers but it can occur if the memory is being pushed too hard (overclocked too far or too tight timings).

Could it be this?

I had this problem with an asus and am racking my brains to remember which it was. Either a faulty connection with the "A" drive, or the front connectors not in the correct pins.
I don't know if this is a help