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PC Freeze every other time it boots


PC Freeze every other time it boots

My pc is causing me a few problems, so i have decided to ask for help. Every other time it is turned on or rebooted, it freezes. The curser wont move, no input from the keyboard, nothing. But a reboot fixes it perfectly. When its working, it works fine.

And rebooting it after turning it on everytime is a fix that ive already been told to do, lol

Its not software, as i have put a different HDD and installed windows on it, still doing the same problem.

Any ideas anyone

Cheers for your help in advance.

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PC Freeze every other time it boots

Yes it would appear at a glance to be hardware related but you cant rule out software just yet

i would start with dowloading and running Memtest which you will have to unzip then copy the contents to a floppy disk and boot from it and see if it throws up any errors

you will need to leave it doing its thing for a while as makes many passes and fully tests your memory

if it passes this test you can go on to test other hardware in your system
but try this first

PC Freeze every other time it boots

As Bill has already stated, it could be memory related. Have you changed the memory recently?

Another think to check for is conflicts listed under the system hardware option, as this can be an indicator of any other problems.

Finally I still think it would be wise to allow for the fact it could be software related, since no amount of hardware changes will resolve a software bug.

PC Freeze every other time it boots

can you tell us when it freezes and if you have your keyboard and mouse in the PS2 or USB ports

have you ever been in to the bios (also can you use bios )
the more info you can give us the better
what error message
do you have any other software on or only windows and what version

have you tried clicking start -run and typing msconfig then click startup tab dissable all but mouse and keyboard software and reboot 5 or 10 times to test
if it still happens you will know its not a software application you have on
if it is ok then recheck 3 or 4 items at a time until you get the problem back