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P4 motherboard advice

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Registered: 15-06-2007

P4 motherboard advice

Hi all

Ive just been given a 3GHZ P4 processor free gratis for nothing and as ive always had AMD setups would like a little advice on which mobo to put it in

Im not buying new as it wont be too long before i jump into the 64 bit setups but i do want to utilise this chip so ive been looking at ebay and have come across a gigabyte GA-8IPE1000-G rev3 motherboard which seems like it will do the job as it also supports sata gigabit lan 800 mhz fsb etc and its cheap

For my own systems ive always used asus and abit boards for there stability and overclocking abilities as ive always found them to be the best and i do like to overclock

Anyone got any first hand experience with the gigabyte board im looking at or can recommend a better board to put this chip into bearing in mind its an ebay job as like i said im not going to buy new



P4 motherboard advice

Gigabyte boards are good boards and they have a util for overclocking supplied by gigabyte.

The key thing is to make sure everything you have is going to work in the new board ie memory, HD,video etc.

If you are going down the 64 bit route there isnt much point wasting money on a mb you may as well put the money to the new 64 bit board

P4 motherboard advice

I'd have to agree with mwright, it would really be a waste of money you would be best ramming it on eBay and seeing what you get for it. Then use the money to save up for the 64bit system.

If you want the best overclocking board money can buy your best off going for a DFI board, you might be able to get one cheap on eBay but they carry a hefty price tag when buying new.

Also another brand to consider would be Epox. Unfortunately I only know of there successes for overclocking with AMD systems and am only guessing that the same would be said for their Intel boards. I know DFI are good on both but not sure about Epox although its worth a look. They are a sort of a toned down DFI, a lot less expensive but usually very very good for the price.

Just make sure before you go out purchasing this new x64 system you post on here. I may be able to offer some advice depending on what you want to use the system for and the budget you have Wink