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Outlook re-install

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Registered: 13-08-2007

Outlook re-install

Hi folks

I have just set up my system and installed outlook again - a couple of we problems -

1. How do i set it up so send/receive starts automaticaly when I start the program?

2. All the fonts are some basic sort of font - how do I change the text?
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Registered: 28-08-2007

Outlook re-install

off the top of my head,

1) Tools, Options, Mail Setup - There should be a check box or option there...

2) Tools, Options, Mail Format tab, there'll be a font button. Just choose and save. But if you select any stationary or themes, the fonts will change unless you override this using a check box that says something like "always use my fonts"

I use it in work so i cant get to it right now, hope that helps...