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Outlook Express


Outlook Express

Hi, Could anyone help me.
I am trying to enter "Outlook Express" as my chosen
email program in the internet properties screen but am unable to input any information. I am also having trouble right clicking on a pic file and sending pic file to mail does not open outlook express but a window with "Microsoft exchange" and "Microsoft mail" opens instead...Please could you advise me on both matters..

Outlook Express

Outlook express may not be installed, or the installation may have been corrupted by another MAPI program.

Goto control pannel and open "add and remove programs.

Locate internetr explorer, and use the uninstall button.

Three options will be presented. Install further options, Repair and uninstall.

Choose repair, and follow the steps. This should fix any corruption.

outlook express

Hi again, i have done exactly as you advised but nothing has changed, when i right click on a pictures file and sent to mail recipient the "MICROSOFT EXCHANGE" window opens with "use the following information services" and gives me a choice of "MICROSOFT EXCHANGE SERVER" and "MICROSOFT MAIL".. also internet options "programs" is still blank in the Email box and it gives me no choices but the "newsgroups" box has outlook express in it.. Sorry to be a pain but i have not a clue. Hope to hear from you soon.

Cheers Heath

Outlook Express

It sounds like Outlook Express was never installed, have been fully unregistered from the system, or was force uninstalled when installing somthing else.

I sugest downloading the IE downloader (Or goign through the process I noted above, however, chosing to install more components).

You should be able to pick OE as a install option.