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Outlook 2003 is picking up my Gmail twice


Outlook 2003 is picking up my Gmail twice

Hi all
Hi all

Hope this is the right forum for this.

btw this forum hasn't sent me alerts on replies to my posts despite it being set up to - is this a known problem and if not any pointers anyone ? anyway my main issue:

I am having the above problem - have set up my gmail and outlook 2003 so
that OL picks up my Gmail.

Now earlier today I used system restore (sorry I'm on XP Home) and
restored to 02 April.

On clicking send receive in OL I noticed it was no longer getting my
gmail (obviously I set that up after 02 April). So I set it all up again
and now it is collecting ALL mail from gmail twice, rather bizarely with
slightly different file sizes !!!!

Anyone any ideas what's going on here and more importantly how I can fix
it please ?

Thanks for any help