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Opera Browser


Opera Browser

Does anybody have problems with Opera Browser not showing some websites correctly with the latest version (7.54) Im mainly experiencing the problem in the members area of lycos mail where the tables are incorrectly placed. In IE they show up correct and in the right places.

This how it should show (from IE6

This how it shows in Opera 7.54 (latest)

Does anyone know of a fix, if there is one?

Thanks for your time.

Opera Browser

I use Opera and some of these problems are related to the fact that many of these sites are designed and developed with IE in mind.

You could look on the opera forums, see if anyone else has the same problem, and maybe a solution.

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Opera Browser

Sometimes you need to run Opera identifying as IE for some sites, so would guess its the same issue with that web mail. I find it best to put the Identification menu on the main tool bar for this.
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Opera Browser

I will try those ideas out, thanks for your time and help.