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OS X and Binatone ADSL500


OS X and Binatone ADSL500

Just signed on to the service and foolishly expecting it all to go smoothly...

I'm running OS X 10.3.3 (Panther)

Step 1. Install Binatone ADSL500 modem driver and restart - upon restart I get System Extension problem (haven't seen that since OS9 days!) - it "installed improperly" reinstall or update to new driver.

I try uninstalling and reinstalling from CD twice, from PlusNet driver folders off this site and on restart, the same issue with 'conexantADSL.kext' system extension. I've been everywhere to find an update, but nothing.

Having tried everything I call PlusNet Technical Helpline. "It's been tested and works on OS X..." was the bullish response after explaining everything above. Then he suggested I try reinstalling OSX, an earlier version to see if that worked. Suspicious, I asked if it worked with Panther (10.3) and he just repeated his mantra, "it works on OSX" - which makes me think it works on 10.2 but not 10.3. And that was it! Wonderful technical support PlusNet (where's the sarcastic emoticon?)

Does anyone know for sure if this modem does work with 10.3.3? I refuse to reinstall my entire system so a modem can work! I intend to call Binatone tech support when they're back from a weekend break...

Thanks for listening... Wink
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OS X and Binatone ADSL500

Sorry I can't asnwer your Panther/driver issue but it will be much better in the long run if you ditch the Binatone and get a proper ADSL modem/router that connects via Ethernet. You can get single port routers for aroung 25->30 quid (ebuyer ASR8000) and they will be compatable and be much better than your current setup.

Also try doing a search for the words Binatone and Mac as this question has been asked before I think.

ADSL Router

Thanks for the info. But if it doesn't work why should I pay for the Binatone modem? PlusNet does offer you the non-hardware option, which had I known the incompatability I obviously wouldn't have bought it. I may take your advice about getting a better modem/router.

Thanks for the wrist slap - I did do a search and the question wasn't answered specifically. If anyone out there has connected with the Binatone modem with Panther on their system I'd still like to know!

OS X and Binatone ADSL500

The people who write these drivers seem not to have tested the software thoroughly. Do a lookup on the posts i have made since i had a very similar problem.

In the end i got a ethernet modem and had no problem. The modem they send you is worth more trouble then they are worth. On Mac OS X that is.

Ethernet Modem

I did a bit more searching and discovered (its such a minefield!) that USB modems generally don't like OS X because of the drivers they require. Ethernet modems are the way to go - MacUser had a very recent review of ADSLnation's X-ModemCE (£5Cool, which it reported to be an excellent replacement product for any USB modem for Mac or PC and at a good price - they also have a mac literate support team! (

Thanks for the advice...hope this one works!

OS X and Binatone ADSL500

Does anyone know for sure if this modem does work with 10.3.3?

It definitely works with Panther 10.3.3.

USB Modems and MACs

I'm an old hand (worked in MAC channel for over 10 years)

I'm still on MAC OS 9.2 by the way

I signed up for the Binatrone 2100 4 port router - worked like a dream!

The rule of thumb with MACs and USB is beware unless you are in a MAC only environment - dial up Modems for example often need different firmware IE the device needs to be MAC spacific

With Panther I wouldn't go anywhere near a USB modem.

Ethernet is different the Windows keeks have heard of TCP/IP thats all we need so you need to go back to technical support and ask them (nicely - they're only human to Swap/upgrade your modem for an Ethernet one - much safer more stable etc - get a 4 port router and you'll also be able to have your own network on braodband / MAC and PCs Laptops etc when your friends call.

The only other option would be to take it up with Binatone and wait a few years for their MAC programmers to write new patches as they encounter new problems.

PS I'm upgrading to Panther with a new iMAC should arrive mid June so watch this space