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ORIGO ADSL Router ASR 8400


ORIGO ADSL Router ASR 8400

Hi All

I just wondered if anyone had any experience with this router, particularly with set up on the status/configuration..

I'm a complete novice when it comes to networking, and I'm not happy with how this is performing. It seems to be very unstable, downloads email and accesses web pages great at times, and then slows down/ stops, starts etc.

I've connected three PC's using the intergrated ethernet devices (not all the same, two MSI M/B's one Asus A7N8X delux ) The Asus has two ethernet connections i.e. 3 com and nVidia, it doesn't seem to matter which plug I use, and I think both the other two are VIA.. One of the computers, 1800XP is really slow, slower than the dial up. Trouble is, all the stuff in the status pages is more or less gobble-do-gook to me, the only thing I've really altered is putting in plusnet username and password, and static IP address etc. Oh! and altered the MTU to 1458.

Another problem I have is with the sharing files etc, other than mentioned above, internet connection sharing is fine, I've gone throught the network wizard, and on two computers I have the workgroup folder showing the three computers, but access is denied, and the other computer won't install a network, even thought the wizard say's it has, there's just nothing there in network places, I've tried it 5 times!.

Any help/advice would be much appreciated. By the way, if I re-connect my computer back to the accessrunner PCI, it works great all the time as usual.

Thanks in advance

Ken Lingard

Origo 8400

I had the same problem as you. The Origo would only last about 10 - 15 mins before locking up. I sent it back to Ebuyer and they tested it and found it to be faulty. I found the instructions that came with it to be brief and not for the novice like myself. Finally after looking at the 4 modem/router/wireless options I went for the Linksys BEFDSR41W. £140 including the wireless card. Superb quick setup guide which got me going in about 5 minutes, and a rock solid connection. BUY IT!!!!!!!!!!!!! :lol:

ORIGO ADSL Router ASR 8400

i do have problems with connecting to ther internet with this modem.
can you please tell me how to set it up.

i just have accsess to a page where i can put in the username and password. but i cant input any ip adress or something else.

ORIGO ADSL Router ASR 8400

The router should collect this information itself, when it connects to the service.

However, many routers privide a space for this to be typed in manualy (Dial-up networking had the same for modems, but you didn't need it). In most cases, you leave them blank, in others they are required fullstop.

If they ae required, let us know what it asks, and we will try and aid you in completing the blanks.

ORIGO ADSL Router ASR 8400

A lot of problems with this router have been resolved with a firmware
update, so if its a few months old then I'd start with this first. There are also a
few tips in their set-up manual.