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Nokia 3650 and Plusnet Mail


Nokia 3650 and Plusnet Mail

Anyone know how to configure the Nokia 3650 to plusnet mail ??
Or even has anyone got this working firstly ?

Thanks Ivan

Nokia 3650 and Plusnet Mail

Do you mean dialling up using your Nokia (and then accessing your email)?
This should simply be a case of creating a dialup connection on your PC and selecting the Nokia as the modem.
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Nokia 3650 and Plusnet Mail

I presume the poster is reffering to using the e-mail client on the phone.


Nokia 3650 and Plusnet Mail

Sorry yes I mean using my phone to access the plusnet mail and not using my phone as a modem. I have seen this done on a tiscilli account

But I need to know the dialup number etc based on this.

Thanks Ivan

Nokia 3650 and Plusnet Mail

Most of the settings are the same as that page, only you change server names, the dial-number and the name of the account.

If you have DSL on your current PlusNet account, your best bet is to signup for a new pay-as-you-go account with PlusNet. Allthough the dialup username will be different, you can still collect and sent e-mail from your normal address.

This will stop any problems with your connection dieing while you check your e-mail.

Based on the layout of that page, you should use the following settings instead. You can keep to the step by step guide and picture they then give.

Connection name: PlusNet
Data bearer: GSM
Phone number: 0845 140 0101 - Alternate number: 0870 7063000
Username: Either your current one (before any @ sign) or the new one if signing up for PAYG
Password: Your connection password
Password prompt: No
Authentication: Normal
Gateway IP:
Data type: ISDN V110
Maximum data speed: 9660

For the e-mail settings section
Mailbox name: PlusNet
Access point in use: PlusNet
My e-mail address: Your choice
General tab internet access: PlusNet
Outgoing mailserver:
Username: username as noted in dial section, or the username fot he mailbox you wish to use
Password: Mailbox password
Incoming mail server:
Mailbox type: POP3
Security: off
APOP Secure login: off

Nokia 3650 and Plusnet Mail

Thanks Phill I do have an ADSL account BTW.
Great just got it working.
You have to setup a new carrier for Vodafone GSM on the Nokia 3650. Done this and it worked first time.