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No sound


No sound

Hey guys.

While working on my pc today, all the sound suddenly stopped. I had just downloaded some music (which is prob the source of the problem) and went to play it but nothing came out the speakers. I have since deleted the music off my hard drive and have run my virus scanner over the whole system but it hasn't picked anything up.

I can access all applications such as games, msn, realone player etc and they will run fine but with no sound Cry

Any ideas where to go from here?
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No sound

have you checked your volume levels?

are your speakers turned on?

do you have a mute button that you may have accidentally pressed on your keyboard?

have you tried restarting your computer?

No sound

Don't rule out that the speaker plug could have come out or the sound chip/system/speakers has gone defunct.

No sound

Thanks for the replies guys, turns out my sister had removed the sound card from control panel :roll: