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No kids, so help needed about MP3 players

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No kids, so help needed about MP3 players

As I have no kids, I am not into downloading and playing music. I have never used an IPOD or an MP3 player, and I don't even own a DVD player. Time is fast running out on how to work my video recorder ! But.....

For a very different purpose, I need to buy a cheap MP3 player. I have seen several cheapos on the web, but most of them seem to require a flash card of some sort. I have a variety of flash cards for cameras, data exchange etc, but would prefer not to have to use them.

Can anyone tell me whether an MP3 player always has a little memory of its own or if it uses a flash card, does that mean it has no internal memory ? I realise that an internal memory would be very small and not hold much, but that should do for my particular purpose.

I have of course seen MP3 players which have only internal memory, but there are so many others which say they take 16mb-2Gb, but do not say whether they have an internal memory as well.

Any help for this 19th century person appreciated !

No kids, so help needed about MP3 players

Most mp3 player are small devices like a pendrive and have 256, 512 or 1 gig of memory.

256MB of memory plays back over 8 hours of WMA or 4 hours of MP3 music (over 120 WMA or 60 MP3 songs)

So you dont need a card or anything else unless you want to have 1,000 of songs.

You can get a 256 from asda or argos for £14ish 512 for £19 and 1 gig for £24ish


No kids, so help needed about MP3 players

Thanks for that link. Those are pretty good prices when one can pay the same or more with no MP3 facility built in...

I'd seen some similar items on Ebay, and or (but I looked for something with FM radio as well, which pushed the price up a bit).

No kids, so help needed about MP3 players

Have a look at