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New ATi cards?


New ATi cards?

I know that the x1800 is the UBERBEAST of the graphics card world now. But what are the x1300 and x1600 like?
I've got the x800GTOsquared, which when unlocked, should be at the top end of the x800 range. As far as I know x1XXX series should push into new territory but those cards I mention appear to be budget cards.

How would they fare against what I've got?

Is it simply a way for people to get PixelShader3 on a shoestring?

New ATi cards?

The X1300 and X1600 are not going to be faster than what you have now, why don’t you just unlock/clock the hell out of the X800. They still perform very well.

SM3? i wouldn’t worry to much about that tbh unless your desperate to have it.

The X1800 was the UBERBEAST but it has already been overtaken lol :shock: The X1900 released a couple of days ago.