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Networked Laser Printer Xerox Phaser


Networked Laser Printer Xerox Phaser

I have a Xerox Phaser 6100.
It works great over parallel or usb connection, but I can't get it to work over ethernet.
When I plug it into my router, lights flash slowly on the printer but nothing on the router, as it would for every other device.

The connection page settings seem fine and I've tried to use to MAC address to locate and set up the printer, but still no good.

It's as though the network card in the printer is not doing anything.
Or should I be trying something else?

Anyone got any ideasHuh
Thanks for your help

Networked Laser Printer Xerox Phaser

I'm not familar with Xerox network printers, but with other network printers i've seen you can either configure them from the printer with an IP address/subnet for your network, or they pick up an IP address via a DHCP server.

page 5.12 of this pdf details the network setup of this printer.


Networked Laser Printer Xerox Phaser

I've followed all the instructions and settings but nothing seems to even be aware of it existing when
using the ethernet port.

The printer can be set to use DHCP or manual IP. I have tried both.
There is a software utility which is supposed to set it all up if you type in the MAC address, but that can't find it either.

It probably means the ethernet port/card in the printer is broken, but how can I tell, is there a way to test its ethernet connection? Do you know if there is there a tool I can use?

I bought it second hand but its only 18 months old and been well looked after.

Networked Laser Printer Xerox Phaser

after setting up the ip etc print a test page (before pluggin it into your lan) to see if it prints out the correct networking settings -- if not, the settings are not being set etc.[/code]

Networked Laser Printer Xerox Phaser

Thanks for your suggestions so far.

The green led by the ethernet port on the printer blinks at a steady rate of twice per second.
No lights flashing on the router for the port.

My router gives the following details about my network:

LAN IP Address:
Default Gateway:
Primary DNS Server:
Secondary DNS Server:

Subnet Mask:
Default Gateway:
DHCP Server: -

I have just reset the network settings on the printer to factory default.
Then selected DHCP and printed a connection page, it reads:

IP Stack
Status: On
Source: DHCP
IP: (I can't ping this)
MAC: 00:00:f0:ae:57:e0
WINS Name: XRX0000f0ae57e0
WINS Server:

Auto IP: On
Multicast DNS: On

Port 9100: On
EtherTalk Stack Details: Off

Networked Laser Printer Xerox Phaser

have you tried a different network cable? Sometimes it can be the simplest of things.

the 169.x.x.x IP address is what is often selected when a DHCP server can't be contacted.

Networked Laser Printer Xerox Phaser

It looks as if it picks up a strange ip if set to DHCP so set it back to static. It should have a webpage setup on this printer

Full support and documents is here

You can get a web based Admin suite so you can control it from anywere from
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Networked Laser Printer Xerox Phaser

Also, have you got Norton Internet Security or any other firewal on you machine.

The fact that you have reset to factory defaults and can't ping the ip address indicates that something is in the way.

if using NIS, it will have probably set up a rule for ip reange of to or the like. If so you may have to add the default ip address of your printer to you firewall acccess list.

Regards, Mike

Networked Laser Printer Xerox Phaser

Thanks for all your tips.
I have tried everything and have concluded that it is probably the printer's network card that is at fault.

I have just noticed that the ethernet cable I got with my ADSL router is a cross over and the one I got with the printer is a straight cable.
I have tried both cables with no success.
Could it be that using the cross over cable has damaged the printer?
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Networked Laser Printer Xerox Phaser

Crossover cables are used to link hubs togther or link two PCs without a hub. You should use a straight through cable from the printer to the hub. If you use the wrong type it shouldn't do any damage, it just won't work.

Networked Laser Printer Xerox Phaser

What machines does your network consist of?
Is it just that you want your printer tied to your hub so that you can print from a single laptop without physically connecting the two (ie wirelessly?)