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Network security


Network security

Hi i have a wireless network currently runnig in my house and am soon going to be adding a new computer although this computer will be used by a younger child and i was wondering whether there would be software that would enable me to gain access to the computer and see what that computer is doing at any time and also prevent files from being downloaded unless they had a password and control the sites which they can visit...

Thanx a lot
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Network security

Windows XP comes with Remote Desktop Connection but that kicks off the user when you look at the machine. has the sort of software you need. It will allow you to look at and control the computer from any other.

Network security

how aboutr controllibng access to websites and downlaoding can anyone recommend a decent free software?

Tight VNC might fit the bill, Ivan

Hello kmacauley,

I believe there is a freeware program that Force9 Plusnet used recommend in the past. Its called TightVNC and I believe this might offer you what your after.

**Download the software and install it, next you would have to make one machine the host machine or act as the server and the childs machine would be a client machine. You could view the childs machine remotely in view mode I think? this allows you to watch activity but not take control of the desktop, I think remote control is also possible but the child would see this. I think if my memory serves me TightVNC comes with pretty good quality documentation and help files too.

**TightVNC comes in a windowsXP compatible version too now a days.


Anyway have a look at the website and see if that fits the bill?

**Possible other options that I can think of are PCAnywhere which would work too and also MS Terminal server (but wouldnt recommend terminal server on a home network really TBH but it does have the features your after).

Best Regards Ivan
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Network security

Have downloaded the software... what do i put in the server box?

Network security

There's two types.. there's the server program and the client program.

You'll need to install the "Server" on the PC you want to monitor, and the client on your own PC.

Once you have installed both of them, you will need to give the server a password.
This can then be accessed via the client. Use either the hostname or the IP address to connect and use the password that you entered after completing the setup.

A friend of mine has a very PC literate 3yo son, and he bought some sort of software, like you'd get in Internet Cafe's to lock down the PC. It works very well. Maybe worth looking into?

Network security

The simple way of doing it is to give access to the net via a proxy as then you can monitor what he is downloading and add filters so he cant get to dodgy sites

get a proxy from
Or a list of proxy servers here

A lot will let you filter by words and site and you can see every page that is downloaded. You can run it on there pc or on your own
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Network security

Or pay some money (about £24) and download CyberSitter which allows you to control what websites your child has access to and automatically updates block lists. You can password protect the settings and enable it for certain users. It also logs what sites have been accessed.