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Network problems - slow / won't connect


Network problems - slow / won't connect

Can anybody help? My flatmate and I share my connnection through a Safecom SAMR-4114 router, and I've had nothing but problems since we did it. I'm on 1Mb PAYG broadband and had no problems before (apart from the odd slow site, but moving away from it would show it to be the individual site, not my connection). Now, however, my connection is generally far, far slower than it should be, even when my flatmate's computer is off - and sometimes it won't connect at all. Disconnecting from the router and plugging back into my DSL modem solve the problem, so it's not a PlusNet problem - it has to be the router, doesn't it? The last speed test I did on another site was Downstream 188 Kbps (23.5 KB/sec) and Upstream 243 Kbps (30.4 KB/sec). A second test minutes later showed it to be (D) 729 and (U) 244, so it fluctuates wildly, but even after the higher result it was still too slow to open a link and several websites.

I also keep getting a window asking me to connect to my old modem / old dial-up account. Clicking 'cancel' gets rid of it for a while and I can continue surfing - on a good day. On a bad day, I get "connection timed out" or "(Website X) couldn't be found".

It's driving me mad! I've been told that I might just have to put up with it as the router is 'working', even if it's not working well, but I wouldn't put up with such shoddy service from any other electrical item, and I don't see why I should be happy paying for broadband and getting mostly dial-up.

Would changing the router help? We've tried "tweaking" it and checking the exchange, but all to no avail. Any suggestions would be much appreciated.


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Network problems - slow / won't connect

I'm not familiar with that router so I can't realy comment on it.

However I can say that I regularly have 3 and sometimes 4 PCs connected here via a router and I dont notice any real slowdown at all.
So it certainly looks like a problem with that one if everything works when you remove it.

Any chance that you could "Borrow" a different type to see if it makes any improvement to your connection.

Network problems - slow / won't connect

Good idea - thank you. The thing is, we need to be quick as there's a time limit: we have to send back the router within 30 days of it being despatched to us to have any hope of a refund - ebuyer seem a bit keen on not refunding if they test the hardware and conclude it's not malfunctioning, according to the terms and conditions on their website.

We'll get another router and try it though. Odd thing is, my flatmate doesn't seem to have as many problems as me - but then, we do have different favourite sites, and he might be used to a slower connection anyway. I've got spoilt with my great 1Mb broadband, and I want it back!

Network problems - slow / won't connect

If you flat mate isnt having any problems it your pc not the router at fault.

Most routers have a log or a test function or they show the state of the connection. SO when you get problems you need to see if the router is connected ok. If you cant reach the router try your flat mates pc. If the router show its up or you can ping from the router when your timing out it show the router is ok and you pc is the fault.

Check you tcip setting against you flatmates it could be a dns problem make sure they are both set the same. If possable swap cables and see if the problem follows the cable. If you give more details of you pc setup we may be better able to help. You should make sure you internet settings in IE are set to never dial a connection which will stop the error messages.

If you can install your modem ok I would remove it and uninstall it and see if that cures it as some change tcip settings