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Network problem


Network problem

Ive got this problem with my local network at home hope you guys can help

Basicaly ive got 2 pc and one laptop...

All machines can ping each other ok.

With my laptop i can remote desktop to one of my machine. But if i map a network drive it says invalid network path.

The share name is M$

I type


But it keeps givng invalid network path.

Same goes with my other PC. I cant seem to connect from that pc to my main pc even thogh thier all in same network. as in workgroup.

When i go to my network places, i can only see my own pc. Not my other pc or laptop.

Whats getting me is how comes i can remote desktop but not map a drive. I can also ping..

please advise

Network problem

What version of Windows are you using ?

Windows XP Home cannot be networked and would cause these sort of problems if I recall correctly.

Network problem

All machines are XP Pro..but actualy the laptop is xp home...but before i was able to map network drives in my lapotp to my main pc but now i cnt seem to map a network drive.

I havnt changed no settings..

Network problem



\\192.168.0.x\c$ and inserting the user and password for admin.

although I cannot see this as making a difference to be honest.

I have had this problem before infact.

I have double checked with a mate on this one but it sounds like a restrictanonymous problem.

So if you could go;

Start -> Run enter regedit and click ok.

Than follow the path below to get to the LSA folder

HKEY_LOCAL_MACHINE \ SYSTEM \ CurrentControlSet \ Control \ Lsa

Then your looking for an item called ( should be 4th up from the bottom ) restrictanonymous.

The valow between the 2 brackets should be 0 and not a 1. So what you should see is ( 0 ) and NOT ( 1 ).

If you have the latter then change the value back to a 0 and save. Hopefully this should go someway to helping you.


Network problem



read that, follow that, see if issues still occur
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Network problem


Windows XP Home cannot be networked and would cause these sort of problems if I recall correctly.

Sorry Tom but thats utterly incorrect. Sad

I have 4 PC's and a laptop all on Xp home and all networked. Smiley

Network problem

yer i know john. I realised how it sounded after i read the OP's post in reply.

Infact im not much of a xp home user. The only xp home machine I have on my network is the one belonging to the wife ( which doesnt need t be on the network or anything ).

I therefore take back my original statement.

Network problem

its probs just simple file sharing being enabled or some small setting that hasnt been set correctly

Network problem

Most of these type of problems can be sorted out by creating an account on each pc with admin rights and using the same username and password on every pc.

When you try to connect windows looks at your username and password and then lets you in or not. It often doesnt ask for this it takes the one your logged in with which doesnt exist on the target pc. If you create all the acounts and login to every pc with the same username it should work.

You can do it without but that is were the problems occur if you dont understand networks

Network problem

Could it be as simple as This "start=control pannel=system=computer name"??making sure the computer description box ,Full computer name & MSHOME are all filled ,This suggestion comes from having had this type of problem recently Somehow 1 of my 3 machines lost the network after half an hour of recreating a wireless network etc found that it had a blank computer description ,filled that in and all machines could then see each other problem gone. Hope this is of help

Network problem

Cheers for all the advise

Al 3 stations are in same work group

All can ping each other

all in same subnet mask and ip network range

i can remote desktop now to whatever machine i want to.

But cxant seem to map network drive.

simple file sharing option is enabled. IVe set up so many networks and always i have issues setting my own stuff up lol

ALso as all 3 are in same workgroup environment. When i click on mynetwork places then entire network etc, i can only see my pc no other machines.

Ive also tried the simple setup network wizard on all 3 machine.

what i can think of is, i may need to tweak my firewall settings. but im not a firwewall geek gna be hardddd

any advise on what i can look for in my firewall. I have zone alram.
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Network problem

Just had the same problem after a reinstall of XP and my normal firewall.
Turns out that the Windows Firewall was enabled. Turned it off and all fixed

Network problem

I use Zone Alarm Pro version 6.1.737 Never had to do a thing in the settings except when setting up put tick in to allow network in the trusted zone .

This is on 1 PC I also use the Windows firewall enabled on 2 laptops as well as a hardware firewall on a D-Link 604 full wireless encripted router .

Have tried windows firewall on the PC at same time but turned it of as thought that was a bit over the top .
I can see all 3 machines in each network place .But for some reason only 2 shared Docs on all machines at this moment in time ??

Have never used Map network drive since begining networking in 1998 .
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Network problem

simple file sharing option is enabled

I would have thought this should be un-checked so as to allow you to set up security options!

I haven't had a network setup for a bit now - since my router went pop - and I can't remeber very well, but I do remember that I had setup each of my pc's firewalls with the relevent info in the firewall settings for the other pc's in the network.