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Network performance problem


Network performance problem

Summary - two vlans through a L3 netgear GSM7312 both vlans have a DHCP server sat on them dishing out more or less the same options all be it different gateways etc. We'll call one vlan Senior and one Prep.

I noticed some performance problems with ONLY my laptop at the prep end so I installed Xaxia's QCheck just to see what it thought the throught put was from my laptop, to a server plugged into the L3 Switch on the Senior VLAN. Result - 2-3Mbps. Which would explain the sluggush behaivoir.

I tried many other PCs around me using the same network cable, port in switch etc and they all gave a throughput of 89Mbps which is what I would have expected. I tried my laptop on other cables, ports etc. still 2-3Mbps. !!!!

I then tried it from the senior end - connecting in reverse to a server in prep end which is still connected to the L3 switch. Throughput 89Mbps!

The only difference is that DHCP is in use at both ends and so I gave myself a fixed ip - replicating all the settings as in the first test and went back to prep end. Throughput 89Mbps! so in changing the IP to static from dynamic I'm gaining 86Mbps throughput!

There is nothing strange in the DHCP options and both DHCP servers mirror each other with regards to settings.
Can anyone shed anylight in to what is happening? I'm stuck.

I know that DHCP itself cannot hinder throughput from client to server, but something to do with a DHCP setting or similar is having some affect.