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Network is driving me crazy

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Network is driving me crazy

I am trying to set up a network with one PC connected to the internet via ADSL and 2 laptops 1 with cable and the other with wifi with a TP-link TL-WR541G router.
I cannot get the host computer to ping the router (times out) but the laptops can ping the host.
I have also replicated the set-up using a laptop as host but get the same problem.
The manual for this configuration is very vague but I have set the router to WAN (dynamic) but am unsure if I need to add any more manually.
I did once manage to connect the cabled laptop to the internet but cannot repeat it. I am also unable to see any computers on the network but the network I have created does show on each computer.
Windows netsetup assigns the IP address to the host and the router uses IP all are auto assigned.
I have disabled all firewalls also the cabling is a normal ethernet from host to router and crossover from router to laptop. I haven't tried the wifi as yet.
Any help before the men in white coats arrive would be appreciated.

Network is driving me crazy

Hi there,

When you say host I am assuming you mean your using the gateway OS based on linux (forgot what they are called now).

So your setup would look a little more like err;

Phone line -> Adsl USB Modem -> Host computer -> Router -> Wireless + Wired.

I have tried this method at one point but didnt succeed as it was giving me more jib than anything else. Int he end I opted for a RJ45 modem to the router (bridged) and hey presto.

Its also worth noting that most routers by default ignore external pings and so wont respond, where as internal oings are responded to.

Sorry if I cant be anymore help than that

Network is driving me crazy

The setup for the router is here

The routers ip should be

so setup the host pc as subnet

set laptop one to subnet and default gateway to and set plus net dns

set laptop 3 to subnet default gateway set plus nets dns

It should then work if it doesnt do a ipconfig /all from the command line on each pc and post the results.

Life its so much simpler if you get a modem router you can pick um up off Ebay for £20 or less
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Not quite there yet

I am using xp on all pc's but otherwise setup is as you describe.

The link you give is for the router attached to the modem using PPPoE WAN setup. In the literature supplied it says quote:-

1. How do I configure the router to access Internet by ADSL users?
1) First, configure the ADSL modem configured in RFC1483 bridge model.
2) Connect the Ethernet cable from your ADSL modem to the WAN port on the
router. The telephone cord plugs into the Line port of the ADSL modem.
3) Login to the router, click the “Network” menu on the left of your browser, and
click "WAN" submenu. On the WAN page, select “PPPoE” for WAN Connection
Type. Type user name in the “User Name” field and password in the “Password”
field, finish by clicking “Connect”.

2. How do I configure the router to access Internet by Ethernet users?
1) Login to the router, click the “Network” menu on the left of your browser, and
click "WAN" submenu. On the WAN page, select “Dynamic IP” for "WAN
Connection Type", finish by clicking “Save”.

I have assumed that Ethernet is what I should be using not PPPoE

I have setup as you suggested and still have the same results I have run the IP config/all but can't remember how to send it to a file in DOS. The Hostname it asks for I assume is the name I have given my gateway PC.

Many thanks.

PS I agree about the modem/router but it all seemed so simple when I read up about it!

Network is driving me crazy

I am a bit lost were you are up to. Is the modem connected to a pc or the router?

If its the router the default gateway on all pc should be if the modem is connected to a pc the default gateway on all pc's is the ip of the pc with the modem on it.

the command for ipconfig is

ipconfig /all >c:\ip.txt

this will put the results in a file c:\ip.txt

Can any pc connect to the internet?
Can you ping or see the other pc's

From a cmd prompt type
tracert and post the results(you can select the text by clicking top left of the window and choose mark then choose copy)
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Hi mwright
Setup is Phone line -> Adsl USB Modem -> Host computer -> Router -> Laptop Wireless + Laptop Wired. All using XP

I have made some progress I decided to remove the router and make a wired two computer network and managed to get ICS and filesharing working. Then I added the router and kept the existing IP's and have managed to get the ICS working but not the file sharing. I also have got the wifi to the 2nd laptop working but not the file sharing. I decided to sort out the security and I have now spent the rest of the day trying to implement the WEP but have to admit that I am grovelling around in the dark. I used windows setup wizard on the host to create the wifi link which also gave me the Network key but it refused to run it on the laptop as it's running xp professional (incompatible software it said) so am trying to set it up manually.
As soon as I turn on the WEP at the router I am unable to log on with the laptop even though I have added the key etc. The signal almost disappears but the wireless radio button is still on. URGGH! Is there a correct sequence to implement WEP like enabling it on the router before running the wizard?
I also need to change the host firewall settings (PC Tools not the best but Zone Alarm freebie is a no no!) Again I will be groping around as I can't find meaningfull instructions anywhere.
Then its back to file/sharing problem!
Any help or guidance is still appreciated.
Many Thanks
PS Why don't I have a hobby like carpentry!

Network is driving me crazy

Wep can be a pain in the rear as often its down to the software not sending the key.
Can you ping the ip of the other pc's/laptops? If you can then you should be able to fileshare.

You must have file sharing turned on thats in the network panel and it has under the local network file and printer sharing just above the ip setting.

Next if you have xp make sure each pc is a member of the same workgroup as xphome gives it a different name than the pro version.

Next in explorer turn off simple file sharing tools folder options, view and right at the bottom untick simple file sharing.

Firewalls need to be setup and these can be a pain.

Next each pc needs to have the same usernames and passwords so if you logon as fred with a password of letmein then each pc needs to have a user fred and the same password otherwise when you connect as fred its doesnt know you so wont let you in.

the best way then is to type the following

net use p: \\pcname\c$ password /:user fred

the pcname is the name of the pc you want to connect to or its ip password is the password on the pc your connecting to and the user must be on the pc.

You can save the one line as a file connect.cmd and run it when you want to connect. You can run it on every pc just change the pcname. If you connect to more than one change p: to another drive letter

Let us know how you get on
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Temporarily my setting up has come to a halt as I have discovered a problem with the Xircom network PCMCIA adaptor in one of the laptops so I am waiting for the delivery of an ebay bought usb/ethernet adaptor so that I can resume again.
On the one that is working wifi I can access the internet but not file sharing (I solved the WEP problems) and when I switch on a message comes up on the laptop "unable to connect... etc"
I need to go through all the settings again and go through the routine you have described in your last post mwright when all is up and running again.
Thanks for the help so far.
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Network is driving me crazy

Well I'm finally up and running (well almost!) I have now managed to get all three PC's connected and am able to access the internet from all machines with WEP enabled and working.
But alas I still cannot get the file and print sharing working. I found an article in the MS knowledge base which described my problems to a tee but they (probably quite rightly) said this is by design with most routers and the facility has to be enabled within the router and suggest referring to to router manufacturer for a solution. Also if I remove the router and just use a single ethernet cable to one laptop the file sharing works all OK.

Have emailed TP-Link and to date have not received a reply.

I have setup as follows :-
All PC IP's are assigned manually so the router DHCP is disabled.
I have disabled the router firewall.
The Router WAN connection Type is set at Dynamic IP as I was unable to connect to the internet if I used Static IP even if I typed in the parameters.
The Virtual Servers, Port Triggering, DMZ and UPnP don't seem to apply so I have left tham at defalt disabled.
Static Routing also seems not to apply so that is all disabled.
Dynamis DDNS also doesn't seem to apply.
I have also disabled all PC firewalls but it makes no difference.

Any assistance would be greatly appreciated.
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Network is driving me crazy

One further piece of information!

The IP addresses have wound up as:-
Gateway PC

Router default

The gateway was allocated by the network setup wizard and was the only one that seemed to work. Should the Laptops be variants of this i.e. etc?