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Network access to a scanner?


Network access to a scanner?

Hi folks

I have a HP PSC 1215 Multi Function Device which incorporates a printer and scanner - and I would like to be able to share access to both functions across my netowork, if at all possible?

Alternatively, I can buy a cheap USB or Parallel scanner to make available across the network...

Is the sharing of a scanner (other than a dedicated scanner) possible?

The clients accessing the scanner will all be running WIN XP Pro.

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Network access to a scanner?

I'm not aware of any "consumer" scanner which supports sharing over a network. But perhaps someone else knows better??

Scanners like the HP Scanjet 7450C do support network scanning - but last time I checked the price of these scanners was something like £400 approx.

Network access to a scanner?

A scanner is not a sharable device so it cant be shared on a network. As zigzag says you can get very expensive ones that will do it but all normal home use one wont work in that way