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Network Nightmare!


Network Nightmare!

Hello PlusNet Customer and Techy People!

Before I start this is NOTHING to do with Plus Net or using any of their services, but Im at my wits end with my internal network and need an experts help.

Im running a network of 3 PC's at the mo, through a D LINK DSL-504 router, 2 PC's run XP SP2 (one is a desktop, other is connected over wireless) the other one is my Windows 98.

For some annoying reason I cannot access my laptop machine or the 98 or any of the machines now, they all access the internet but I cannot transfer files between them, Ive tried everything.

Inclusing permissions, sharing changes, and Im at my wits end, can someone help me out.

Please get in touch!!!
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Network Nightmare!

Have you tried the network wizard in win xp?

This creates a floppy disc which you take to your win98 machine and it sets it up for you.

Also, have you, or have you not, installed win xp SP2. U sually the kiss of death if you have. Smiley

Cheers, Mike
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Network Nightmare!

There should be no need to use the wizard to create floppy disks!!

First of all are all the machines on the same workgroup? If not then they wont be able to talk to each other but will have internet access.

Service pack2 has not upset my networks at all.

Network Nightmare!

try the (awful) guide that i have made to help you set up your network


Network Nightmare!

The answer to this is normally very simple. First check the ip of each pc ipconfig /all on xp winipcfg on 98 they should all be in the same range ie

Next ping each pc from another can you ping it ok? If you can you have conductivaty. Setup a share and give everyone permision on the share.

Now the problem you have now is the way windows lets you connect. When you try and connect it ask you who you are(you dont see this) and it replies with your current username and password. There in lies the problem. If you log onto pc1 as smith with a password of dave unless there is an account on the pc your connecting to with that username and password it says sod off.

There are 2 ways around it. One
create an admin account on every pc with the same username and password log onto all the pc's with that new account (dont forget to check the share is set on the new account) it should then work ok.

Connect by running a cmd prompt and type

net use p: \\pcyouare connecting to name\share name password /user:username on the pc your connecting to.

SO you will get a cmd like

net use p: \\homepc\myshare password /user:dave

You can connect to the root of c: by using c$ as the share name thus

net use p: \\homepc\c$ password/user:dave

You can save this command as a .cmd file(ie home.cmd) and use it when you want to connect by putting it on your desktop.

Activating the guest account often makes it simpler. Check the firewall is set to let you connect.
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Network Nightmare!

Just today had a similar issue yesterday.

Do you use a software firewall? If so this is probably stopping the network shares from working. I had 2 XP PCs both running ZA free, both could access the net but not access each other. Both were in the same workgroup also. Only after I added the local network range as trusted did the firewall allopw each PC to access the other.

Network Nightmare!


Do you use a software firewall? If so this is probably stopping the network shares from working.

Exactly the same problem occurred with me and the solution as outlined above sorted it.

Network Nightmare!

Well I dont what happened I have no idea why!!

I turned both on at the same time and everything worked! everything works with each other.

So maybe just posting helped me, very strange.

Maybe I didn't consider a reboot!

Thanks for your help gang, Ive printed this page out incase it happens again!