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Netgear DG834 & Firewall setup advice


Netgear DG834 & Firewall setup advice


I've just recently brought a DG834 and I wanted some info/advice on setting up the firewall.

I've setup all the inbound rules for various games and apps, but what should I be setting up for the outbound rules? I do have a software firewall as well, but I was wondering whether I should be setting up a few basic outbound rules as well?



Netgear DG834 & Firewall setup advice

Hi, gadgetboy - just noticed this post. I'm not sure if you're still awaiting some response on this, but I've got a DG834 as well.

The difference between us, though, is that I don't use games at all. While I've got two additional inbound rules that I added to the default inbound rule, I've added none to the default outbound rule. My understanding of the basic situation is that your software firewall should handle any untoward outbound events (e.g. trojan trying to 'phone home), & so most people allow the router default of automatically allowing all outbound events without any blocking.

You may need to 1)google the issue to see whether gamers need extra outbound rules 2) contact Netgear support, or 3) post in the dedicated Broadband Netgear forum, at,9