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NTFS file recovery recommendations

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NTFS file recovery recommendations

Partion magic let me down last night during a HD clean up and killed the mbr when formating the Primary partion and changed it to a Logical for some reason. So lost the second logical partition. But didnt have any utils handy that could recover it.

So I've been burnt once and need to find out what anyone has used sucessfully. There are plenty to choose from but this being vital work, need to find about the good and bad utils, before I part with any cash.
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NTFS file recovery recommendations

To get the MBR repaired is dead easy boot from dos and run fdisk /mbr.

PM is a great util I have used it for years and never had a problem. If you are using a old version and XP you could have problems on NTFS as its a new version of NTFS on XP.

Partion commander is another good util its very slow but often does thing PM cant