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Myself versus DrayTek Vigor 2200X


Myself versus DrayTek Vigor 2200X

Would anyone using the combination of "Mac" computer with ethernet socket,Vigor 2200X and BT's Homehighway successfully please pass on some clues as to how they did it?I have tried everything I can think off,but cannot get the computer to "see" the router.

The manual that came with the router assumes everyone uses Windows,and the manual that came with the computer is not a great deal of help,to the extent that I am not sure if I am even pluging the cables into the correct sockets on the router so even that snippet of information would help.

I suspect thet the main problem is that I do not know which DNS numbers go where,as I am unable to gain access to the router to configure it,and if I run the tool kit I just keep getting asked to select a router.

Failing that;given that when I was playing with "Suse Proffessional 8.2 Linux" on my Windows box it had no trouble in picking up my ISDN/network card,and I was able to get connected to Plusnet with Linux;without having to load any drivers (although it may have picked those up from the already installed Windows) I was wondering about the possability of my "G4 powerMac" picking it up as it is a PCI card,but would attempting that damage the machine?

Thanks for your patience in reading this request,I feel I am climbing a steep learning curve.With Windows it was a matter of inserting a card into a slot,loading a driver and away I went:no problems at all......... the ideosyncracies of OS.X are another matter altogether :-)

Thanks in advance

Ian & Linda Jordan