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Multicast. Compatible routers? Test streams?


Multicast. Compatible routers? Test streams?

I would like to give multicast a try since Plusnet are in league with the BBC to make it possible.

I tried the BBC trial streams at
and I can't connect to them. I get the following error in Real Player 10.
General error: HXR_SE_LICENSE_EXCEEDED (0x80041912) (This server is configured to support only multicast connections. Please contact the content provider for more information on listening to this broadcast.


I looks like multicast isn't happening somewhere along the line. I guess the most likely culprit is the ADSL router, a Linksys WAG54GS with Firmware Version: V1.00.06.

I can't find any muliticast-related settings in the router config.

Is there a list anyone can point me to of ADSL routers that are multicast-compatible, assuming that is the problem?

Are there any howtos on how to get this multicast show on the road? Any FAQ on Plusnet that I didn't find with the search box?

Much appreciated,
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Multicast. Compatible routers? Test streams?

This may help.

First your account has to be enabled for multicast. PM Bob Pullen and ask him if you can be included in the trial.

Then you need a compatible router - there's a (not comprehensive) list on the above-mentioned page. And it needs to be enabled for IGMP.
Read this thread for a more comprehensive list.
I use the ebuyer "own make" economy one for under £20 which does the job fine and is a dream to set up and use.. It's actually a safecom router.

Then you need to connect to ptn-ag1 or ag2.

Then you need for the BBC to have it working, which recently it has not been.
Today's status is given as "semi-working", but I can't get it to do anything this morning. (correction, just got BBC2, but not BBC1!)

It's still very much a trial. Good luck.
Posts: 2,886
Registered: 30-07-2007

Multicast. Compatible routers? Test streams?

Both BBC channels are working this morning.
And the BBC are proposing to do broadband coverage of the forthcoming Winter Olympics, which will no doubt include some multicast coverage.