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Motherboard with TV out?


Motherboard with TV out?

Hi I`m looking to build a micro system to connect to me TV so that I can play all my Arcade games..( If you have played NeoGeo games then you know why Cheesy )

So I need a MB that has onboard sound, grfx and TV out.
I know of plenty that have sound + Grfx ( usually GeForce ) but aint seen any with the TV out I need..
I want to keep the finished case as small as possible.
Or do you know of a cheap pci card that`ll connect the Grafx card to the TV... through coax, composite, scart, s-video, etc...

Thanks Kev..
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Motherboard with TV out?

How about one of those Shutle systems plus a standard graphics card with TV-out functionality?


Motherboard with TV out?


You didn't say what CPU you wanted.

The above have a optional addin card for TV out, this will simply be via a motherboard header, and small backplate, however, a bit of dremel work should allow foit yo be mounted anywhere.

Motherboard with TV out?

Thanks for the info guyz Smiley

acarr : THANKS for the link thats the kinda thing I`d be happy with... Cheesy perhaps nforce2 and GeForce4 though would be nice ( or am I being greedy ?).
Always used AMD and don`t think I`ll change.
Cheers for chasing that link up....appreciated ...

kuglin: As you say if I get stuck I could slap in a TV output capable AGP card but I want to make it as small and cheap as poss`
Shutle? I`ll have a look at those.... Have you got a link?

Thanks again .....Kev...

Anymore ideas or suggestions ?

Motherboard with TV out?

The guidlines say no advertising, however, there are no affiliate links here. This is a company I use for price guiding (never purchased from them).

Overclickers UK - Shuttle systems

The first system in the list, which sports THIS Impressive specification, has what you want.

AMD Athlon XP support (333FSB support - aka xp 3000+)
GeForce 4
Dual VGA outputs (will drive two seperate displays)
Dolby 5.1
AGP 8x slot (should Nvidia make a nicer card)
S-video out
4x USB 2
3x Firewire

This is priced at £227.95 (inc VAT) at that site. It doesn't include anything else (IE, OS, CPU, Memory), but is a excelent unit for what you want.

There are some other greate units there, not all including what you want, though there are some workarounds.

They provide some extra at the base of the page, which is handy, should you like another system from the page.

These include a nice kit to make the dacia glow (gimic, but hell), and two card to support s-video out.

Motherboard with TV out? - Click "systems' - Look at ChyangFun - They 'seem' to be similar to those above, but haven't checked. I, and colleagues, have used Scan for about 3 years. Other than on the rare occasions they get a bodged delivery, once in about three years, I've never had a problem. Can't comment on the usefulness of the ChyangFun systems - never had one.