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Monitors ????


Monitors ????

Well for xmas i want a new monitor for my 2nd pc. Currently it has a 15inch crt. I was thinking a 19inch crt maybe a tft but there expensive. Any one tell me were to get one from. Decent price also lol

Monitors ???? is a good place for price comparisons.

Type of monitor you go for depends on what you use it for.

I personally prefer TFT's as they just save so much room, are so much lighter and just look better in regard to the unit itself.

Professionals may prefer big CRT's.

If you are purchasing a TFT and will be using it with games then the response time is important. You also want a high contrast ratio for a brighter image. You also want a decent native resolution.

If you purchase a monitor with a 16ms response time you will never appreciate a higher frame rate than 63 when playing games on screen (1000/16) I'm led to believe. This is regardless of the graphics card you are using.

I quite like Iiyama as a monitor manufacturer.

I bought my last monitor from Scan and it was made by them. I've had no annoying pixel anomalies and have had it almost a year no with no problems, as you'd expect.

I got a Iiyama ProLite E430 and so did a few of my friends.

Hope this helps,

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Monitors ????

You need to specify what you intend to do on your 2nd PC. If it's playing 3D games then a TFT will not be good enough for the fast motion changes.

You can also get some good TFT & CRT screens from - TFT monitors and CRT monitors.
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Monitors ????

have a look at they do some nice tft and crt monitors at very cheap prices.

Monitors ????

The 2nd pc is used for the net and some games like dawn of war. I am not shopping at ebuyer again they take to long to sort returns back and i hate them. Thanks for the advice guys.

I found this samsung 19inch crt on kelkoo it luks ok what do you guys think